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SMILE, SMILE, SMILE CONTEXT: Smile, Smile, Smile by Wilfred Owen shows a soldiers point of view on how propaganda during the WWI was so potently sloped by the presidential term and how the population of the cornerstone front is affected. The lies and the penurious nature of the judicature are shown by the many tropical language, diction and imagery used. Choice of epithet Capitals, commas and repetition place accent on each manifest sacred scripture. Smile immediately base of happiness and blessedness Poem contradicts this message to portray the falsehood in its significance Smile Represents the soldiers amusement at plaza fronts gullibility and governments lies and knowledge that society is unaware of the truth of war. winding and Form * Rhyme pattern * Fairly smooth menstruum * One stanza * Mocking effect notion  (Lines 18-26) * Sarcastic * wry * Bitter * Resentment Punctuation Brackets: Brings a shif t/ bollocks in flow of the poem, helps to furrow change in tone. capitalization: Shows what the government think is central and what is not as main(prenominal) (Vast booty vs. Casualty) (Line 2-3) Quotation attach: A shift in speaker from narrator (reality/ stand of front) to paper (viewpoint of government/home front)  Question Mark/Caesura: Poses questionability to word nation and thus the imagination of unity.   Colon: Shift in speaker from narrator to the hoi polloi Exclamation Mark: Emphasizes genuine location/gullibility of the people. analogical Language Personification: Said the paper (Line 5): humanizing newspaper paper gives it a voice/power, represents government. Oxymoron: Undying numb(p) (Line 9): living dead - represents the soldiers frail/tired domain. Simile: A soldier joyous is compared to hush-hush men who know their secrets safe. (Line 20) Imagery ii images are portrayed to show the grueling and worn put in of the v ictimized soldiers in contrast to the greed ! of the government. FRONT line: describes...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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