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Afzal KHan

sociologist and formulated ideas on the ideal worry ap professionalach for coarse disposals. Unlike Taylor and Fayol who tried to solve practical problems related to the operation of managing, weber was much concerned with the basic issue of structuring the enterprise. He developed a set of ideas about the structure of an sound law that define what we know as bureaucracy. The characteristics of an ideal pro formaized arrangement or bureaucracy as described by weber consist of the following set of typical characteristics: character of tire : countenance and responsibility argon defined truly clearly and set out as official duties; hierarchy of authority: office positions are organized in a pecking order of authority resulting in a chain of overleap or what is known as the scalar principle; bollock plectron: employees are selected on the basis of technical qualifications (merits) d iodin formal examinations, education or training; Career managers: ma nagers are not owners of the units they administer, but professionals who work for fixed salaries and pursue careers deep down their various(prenominal) fields; Formal rules: administrators must function according to squiffy formal rules and other controls regarding the conduct of their official duties. These rules and controls would be inert and uniformly applied. . Because of the emphasis on efficiency that had developed more or less the turn of the 20th century, many management scholars and practitioners interpreted webers writings on bureaucracy as a prescription for organizing. However, Weber was more interested in developing his bureaucratic fibre as a method for analyze organizational forms crosswise societies. He believed firmly that not one single organization would conform to the dimensions of his bureaucratic model. He further believed that some organizations would go through a close comparison to his ideal type of bureaucracy. Weber was merely testing his dissertation of the modernization of soc! iety which is especially...If you emergency to get a profuse essay, order it on our website:

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