Wednesday, February 5, 2014

College 101

Final Essay Wow I cant remember I am sitting here opus my concluding essay for this menage. It is just crazy how fast this premiere semester of college went. I learned a cud in both(prenominal) of my signifieres and ordain walk bring come on a lot from them. There was one split in particular that I wasnt looking ahead to at all hardly was a requirement of all incoming freshman to take. The screen Im disquisition of is of course College 101. When I source heard I had to take this class I was fine upset. I didnt theorize I would take whatsoever affair from this class so I started make the semester by not doing hardly any of the required preparednesss. I just didnt think it was worth the trance to do the home mould for a class where I already know the material when there were other harder classes that I should be focusing on. That all changed when I looked at my grade. That was a preposterous and cryable sight at the same time. But it made me clear tha t the class was teaching me to not do the very thing I was doing. The class teaches its students how to become better students and helps point out what we might be doing wrong in our academic occupation that we may have never noticed. So there I was with a failing grade in a class that I should fly through. This made me realize that I poverty to start getting my survive done. This class actually had more or less good lessons on everyday things that we as students just overlook. For exemplar, the teachers in the class would help us to point out our weaknesses academically and they helped us pin point exactly what we were doing wrong and gave us ways on how to resolve our problems. One of the things that the teachers pointed out to me personally is that I have trouble staying on task while Im doing my homework. They showed me that I can get healthful distracted from my task at hand and than at the authorise Ill end up not getting my work done. They taught me that I ne ed to go to a place where I am alone and whe! re the number of possible distractions is very small. An workout of how I used what I...If you want to get a good essay, order it on our website:

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