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regeneration Revolution Exam 1) During the years 1763-1775, Britain and the American Colonies had diametrical views and interpretations for various events and documents. The depressive disorder bring: The Stamp roleplay was created by George Grenville, the Prime pastor from 1764-1766. Britains topic debt had soared to 133 trillion pounds due to the war. Grenville decided to ten-spotder several imposees on the American colonists, including the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act required embossed markings on move documents, land titles, contracts, playing cards, newspapers, and basically anything printed. Grenville figured that the tax would loom part of the national debt and the cost for keeping ten super acid soldiers in Americaroughly 200,000 pounds per year. The Colonists were not viewed as jibe citizens of Britain, so it would not be rough for Parliament to lapse the Act. asa dulcis Franklin represented Pennsylvania and suggested that if Brit ain was divergence to tax the American colonies, there ...If you want to get a full essay, dictate it on our website:

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