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Ap History Chapters 3 & 4

AP History 26 October 20012 Chapters 3 and 4 Essay During the cartridge holder of the 13 colonies, a way of life had to be found. When the colonists were establishing themselves in the advanced world, barter and merchants became a huge part of their society. Their reclaim to self govern themselves and be separate from England was a well-favoured part of their lives. England in short set up the stinting system of mercantilism. Great Britain utilise this impertinent system as repayment of debts from the French and Indian War. They benefited greatly in other ways from this new system. both England and the colonies benefited from the new system of mercantilism, notwithstanding the repercussions and attitudes towards it led increased feelings toward revolution. The new system of mercantilism was established in the colonies and in England. When the elaborate of mercantilism are looked at, it is undefendable that it directly benefits England. Since England aided and de fend the colonists in the French and Indian War, they felt that the colonists needed to attention pay for the large debt that was left. A main part of this new system was that all goods portion out or exported by the colonists had to go through English ports at some point so that they could be taxed. England also apply other taxes on the colonists, such as the Stamp issue and the Tea Act, which created direct tax income for England. Great Britains tax was also increased because they dependent who the colonists could manage with. By limit their trade, it left England as the colonists totally trade option. Because the colonies were only allowed to trade with England it is clear that they certainly got the fiscal benefits from this system. The colonies were untouched before the colonists, and therefrom they had unlimited access to the crude materials that the land had to offer. As a part of mercantilism, the colonies were only allowed to trade these valuable raw material s with England. England was benefiting from ! them a lot because those materials...If you want to posit a full essay, coiffure it on our website:

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