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Irans Nuclear Programme and the Stability of the philia East By Alex Ward on March 2, 2012 What is the Likely Impact of Irans Nuclear Programme on the Regional Stability of the middle East? Quoted in the Washington Post (2011: npn), the current US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, highlighted how Iran is technically becoming of producing enough highly enriched uranium for a weapon in the next few years. Undoubtedly, a atomic-armed Iran will inescapably throw existing security structures into flux (Kaye & Wehrey, 2007: 120), recalibrating the warmness Eastern strategic order. That said, the contours of this increasingly thermo atomicized political landscape be shaped by a myriad of interlocking and multifactorial factors. Naturally, Irans nuclear programme is sure to elicit responses from Washington, Israel and a host of Arab states, most notably those of the disconnect Cooperation Council (GCC), particularly Saudi-Arabian Arabia. With regards to t he Western powers, it is clear that Iran is now a centrepiece of American Policy (Sick et al, 2008: 1), largely due to its counter-hegemonic, recalcitrant alien policy. Whilst make out hold of military confrontation is unlikely, the US and the EU has already busy a multitude of covert operations tar disturbing Irans nuclear facilities and imposed significant diplomatic and economic sanctions upon the Moslem Republic. With regards to the GCC, obligate arguments constitute been made for the reactionary pursuit of nuclear weapons, as is the case with many other Arab states, which has severe implications for regional nuclear proliferation. However, the most profound effect on regional constancy is likely to come from the possibility of an Israeli pre-emptive imprint to cash in ones chips Irans nascent nuclear programme, operate by the film to ensure regional pre-eminence and counterbalance against Iranian hegemony in the Gulf (Schake & Yaphe, 2004). Indeed, fears of an emboldened Iranian foreign policy have sharp! ly increased regional...If you want to get a across-the-board essay, order it on our website:

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