Wednesday, February 5, 2014

French And Scientific Revolution

16th century Europe was an extraordinary time. Europe was transforming at a rapid pace, and the political landscape was changing. This period is last as the “Enlightenment” and it transformed conventional ways of thinking. in that location was an obvious shift in the view of individuals, scientific belief of the universe, and new ideas that contradicted the monarchical system, and the beliefs of the Catholic church building. Two crucial regenerations occurred during the enlightenment, and they were the scientific innovation and the french revolution. Both revolutions had lasting effects on Europe and its far-reaching control. Both revolutions changed the traditional thinking of Europe. The scientific revolution changed the way the entire universe was seen, wand the French revolution changed Europe’s long-standing systems of politics, religion, and economics. The reason being that Individuals carried start the revolution, as oppose to a mo b of many who carried let out the French revolution. This is not to discount the contri besidesions of individuals in the French revolution, but it is easier to strain success in changing the status quo when in that location is an whelm majority. The individuals carrying out the scientific revolutions had to stand al paladin against the church and most(prenominal) of Europe. The planetary theory supported by the Catholic Church was known as “Geocentric Theory.” Basically, it stated that primer was in a fixed position and the planets, sun and mope locomote around it. (513) Nicolas Copernicus believed parts of the geocentric theory to be false, in particular belief that the realm was motionless, and the center of the universe. He believed that the sun was the center and the planets, including earth, moved around it. This is known as heliocentric theory. In this theory the change from night to daytime was explained by a rotation of the earth and the he claimed that it took the earth one year ! to complete its revolution around the...If you hope to travel a full essay, order it on our website:

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