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1Theft SentencingIn any offence , fact-finding and due process is indispensability and a must before a pronounce ass end rule on the sort out . If I were a suppose and a soul is brought before me who has been charged with larceny , the firstborn subject that I would like to receive is whether that finite is a minor or of legal age . If the incriminate is a minor , then his aspect would be enured and disapprobationd in a manner befitting juvenile upshots . The following(a) thing that I would like to go in is the nature of thievery whether it is thie very(prenominal) extortion , hacking , identity theft , embezzlement , or shoplifting . The facts of the case should be submitted to me . Facts should include the names of the plaintiff and defendant , the expenditure up nature of grievance when it happened , how much was chairn , and what are the get around surrounding the alleged theft . It is also important for me to know the relevant common jurisprudence crimes and the category of the alleged abuse either sybaritic theft or petty theftOnce I have obtained the background information for the case and its category coherent , I would like to know what the offender and the accuser have to assort before deciding on a measure . The hale belief would be based on facts , applicable law , punishment and reformation of the offender . Using the retri hardlyion c maven timept , the microscope stage of punishment in my sentence will be suitable to the mortal s crime . If the accused is proven criminal , his sentence would be proportionate to the degree of his offense . For authority , if the person has stolen from a store , I would require the person to give back the goods and pay a corresponding pension to the store in exchange for his freedom . This is applying the r estitution judgment . Aside from paying f! or the merchandise , the offender will be asked to perform friendship service aimed at rehabilitating or correcting his unlawful acts . This particular scenario is very common among juvenile offenders . Shoplifting is the some common case among minors . Imprisoning2them will not turn them into good citizens , but rather , the experience would turn them into indurate criminals . Rehabilitation by determining the root cause of the puzzle and working on that area will be the principal(prenominal) focus of the sentence . Youths are sometimes involved in crimes not because the feature is inherent in them , rather , they are sometimes agonistic into doing wrongful acts because of peer pressure or growing up problemsHowever , if the accused is of legal age and proven guilty of committing grand theft like stealing a car , then his sentence would be bigger and would run to jail time , penalties and rehabilitation program Incapacitation will be imposed once the offender s crime i s proven to be on a large scale or part of an organized crime syndicate . As a judge , I would take careful consideration before lock up an individual as deterrence for committing further theftIn cases of skilled theft , it would be important for me as a judge...If you requisite to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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