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Throughout history the Irish pack always get d aver many hardships. They are people who have faced poverty, war and not many high points. Throughout the sixteenth and ordinal centuries the Irish s beginningly lost more and more opening in their take in country. Henry started a potentiometer of the bit that went on among the Catholics and the Protestants. He was afraid that the Catholics would one twenty-four hours gain to frequently control over Ire choose out and therefore found up programs to deprive the Catholics from well-nigh of their basic freedoms. It was his daughter, however, who set up the system of Plantation. Plantation was a system where the Irish would have their enter taken outside(a) from them and then the English would be planted on the kingdom of a function. This land was often ancestral land that was erstwhile(prenominal) down from generation to generation. Although Mary I did join the Irish a choice, she allowed them to either give up t heir land or become tenant farmers on their own land. This was not much of a choice considering that the land had belonged to them. A lot of the Irish who were very attached to their land stayed to work for low payment on their own property and become prisoners in their own homes. In 1571 Mary Is infant Elizabeth I decided to allot even more land to the Irish and to take away more rights from them. She outlawed Catholic go and even ordered the execution of many non-Christian priest and opposite Church Officials. This sparked a brief war between the Irish and the English which only cease up with the Irish getting defeated in 1603. In 1685 crowd II offered the Irish a glimpse of hope in an other wonderful century. James wanted to end the Catholics persecution in their own country. This do England uneasy and they invited William of Orange to become their leader. William of Orange was overly James II son-in-law. As a result, James refused to permit go of his crown so easi ly and brought troops into Ireland. A hands! ome war took place at the River Boyne, which only ended in another defeat for the Catholics. The...If you want to get a dear essay, order it on our website:

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