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Western Civilization I

Running Head : WESTERN CIVILIZATIONWestern Civilization (Your Name (Your SchoolWestern CivilizationIntroductionCivilization likewise referred to as politeness . According to the dictionary the definition of land is the custom and beliefs , art , way and neighborly organization of a particular coun emphasize or group . Culture jaunty is based on the traditions , lifestyle language and the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hour period way of life Culture of a particular family is usu in ally determined by the traditions of the people and whether they interact with the soul from the new(prenominal) communitiesWestern horti finish or horse opera civilisation is use to refer to burnishs of European origin and all otherwise grows that argon descendantsHistory of western acculturationWestern culture is always changing , as all other cultures it has gradually changed with date , this differs from station to place and time to time . It is possible to follow the history of growing of apiece group of the west , how they differ from each other , their similarities , how they bring to other cultures and how they borrow from other cultures . Example , Greeks and Americans move infra whizz culture , but they act differently in regard to religions , games , education and even innovation (Duran , 1995though aroundtime in that respect is some contrast between the west and eastern culture , it is criticized by the difficulty to determine which culture one go , in some ways , it s not determinative of unlike activities , it has been transformed to more distinguished use . Though it has descended from schoolman factors , it has become a crucial factor in identifying important culture dissimilaritys and similarities both to individual and communitiesInfluence of western civilizationThe western cu lture has great influence to other cultures ! world enormous mickle of all cultures both western and eastern cultures try to make grow their way of living both economically and technologically . To some extent this has gone to ofttimes to a point they adventure the welfare of human life , and this is jilted for being incongruous with the vision and the values of societies . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Technology and social patterns which make up modernization were developed by the HYPERLINK http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Western_world \o Western world wester n culture . theless , much of anthropology today has shown the close links between the physiological milieu and daily ac tivities and the formation of a culture (the findings of HYPERLINK http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Cultural_ecology \o Cultural ecology cultural ecology (Stearns , 2003ConclusionWestern civilization has contributed to shaping of modern world . The origin of the western culture has been diversified by the wide range groups with different visions and goals . This has to a fault contributed to urge of modernizing the world regardless of the culture . This withal raises the difference in societies due to different beliefs and difference in goalsReferenceDuran , E (1995 ) HYPERLINK http /books .google .com /books ?id qgVoY7mypa4C \o http /books .google .com /books ?id qgVoY7mypa4C Native American Postcolonial psychological science Albany : State University of New York PressStearns ,(2003 . Western Civilization in World History . New York RoutledgePAGEPAGE 3Western Civilization...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssa

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