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FLIGHT ASSIGNMENT Q). My response to the raws report of feather. The enunciate flight has homosexualakin of meanings , for example, failment or path or journey holy the air which argon attributed mainly to birds because of their flying abilities and meanings like de varianceure, escape, exit, freedom, geta expressive style, retreat. Which are mostly used for hu troopss. These two vary sets of meanings for two several(predicate) creatures have given the title an important flexibility to oppose and to outline compassionate behaviour with that of birds. The title also establishes a relationship between characters of humans and birds regarding their inherent tendencies in particular in the setting where both creatures live side by side. unity of the main characters in the story is the granddad, as wholesome as the daughter and granddaughter, terce generations. The designer has used these tierce different characters to show us how each character differs from the opposite consort to their generation. The granddad a first generation out-of-date man, who is very(prenominal)(prenominal) sensitive and aware of all the things happening slightly him. solid ground the main character the author has used it, to describe a variety of emotions of his generation such as his dependency on others approximately him and the lack of confidence he feels without them. Not and when is he upturned near himself but also others near him. Because of the anile age, he is not only very unhinged but also reacts very strongly to all changes more or less him. Above all, he has become very selfish, to an extent that he is not thinking in a rational manner about the feelings of his eighteen-year- gray-haired granddaughter. Instead he is treating her like a pocket-size girl and most of all he is apprehensive that she lead get hook up with and move away. Shell bind him. Im telling you, shell be marrying him next. He is extremely scared, terror-struck of loneliness, silence and e! verything around him, which is important to him. He needs to be reassured all the time about everything, which matters to him, because hes scared that he would be left(a) uncherished and just. The anile man Granddad had a cinerarium where he unploughed a number of pet birds domesticated pigeons. One of them, a homing pigeon, and his favourite was in his baseball mitt when he power saw his eighteen-year-old granddaughter, Lucy swinging on the access of the garden. She was the youngest of the four sisters, the older three had all ready hook up with and moved out and she had an office with a young man, Steve from the homogeneous colonization. He was angry at his granddaughters affair and was worried that she would soon get married and move out, leaving him alone and uncherished. He complained about this to her beget his daughter who said that its natural for an eighteen-year-old to get married and move out. She tried to reassure her mystify that his granddaughter w as going to be in the same small village after marriage and he would be able to resonate her every day. However, the old man insisted that it would not be the same and wanted to keep her with him for a bit longer. The fact that he could not keep his granddaughter with him any longer made the old man very piteous, short and in tears. The young man, his granddaughters boyfriend brought another pigeon for the old man and offered him very affectionately, which he excepted graciously. While her granddaughter and her boyfriend were enjoying each others connection in the garden the old man put the new bird in a cage, took his favourite pigeon out of its box, and let the bird take flight. A number of other birds from the dovecote also took flight on with his favourite one, they soared high into the incline until they look like a cloud of dust in the evening. The old man, his daughter, his granddaughter and her boyfriend forgot what they where doing and watched the birds. onw ard dark, they all returned to the dovecote. The old! man was happy and proud at their return but his granddaughter was in tears. I think the author has narrated the story in the most touching and effective way. The quite sensitive way of human emotions and feelings had been handled in a uncommon way by describing the flight of the birds to the departing humans. It is a remarkable story of emotions and feelings of three generations with a sad and depressing end. She did not smile. She was wide-eyed, and discolour in the cold shadow, and he saw the tears pass shivering off her saying. The story of birds and their flight is very well introduced into the story, which has made it a very important part of it. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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