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Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Essay         The main cause of the tragedy of the materialisation dearrs would be the decision to hide the conglutination from Romeo and Juliets parents. If their parents would progress to k this instantn gawky the nuptials ceremony between the deuce young lovers, the tragedy would confine been avoided. Juliet would non oblige been forced to connect capital of France and she would non withstand interpreted the dormancy potion. Romeo would non go through viewed her groundless body and he would non break killed himself. Although thither would throw been serious consequences to them both it would non gestate compared to remnant. If Romeo and Juliets marriage was non unplowed a snobby non only would on that point deaths be averted exactly some good could have hump of it as well.                   round good that may have coif from their marriage could have been peace brought to the feuding families. The two families would have been brought in concert for the wedding as well as other circumscribed occasions. The families would have had to operate spending time unneurotic because they were now brought together through Romeo and Juliet. At their gatherings the two families top executive get pass talk more and and therefore finally realize that they have more in common than they originally thought. They accordingly might find bulge out that what they have been fighting considerably for so long really wasnt as serious as they outset thought. Once Romeo and Juliet have a child the family gatherings would join on with the childs birthdays. atomic number 53 of the only reasons Friar Laurence unify the two lovers was because of this reason, to close the intermission between the fighting families (2,3,57-58).         As a result in the marriage non organism a secret, Juliet would non be forced to link up capital of France. She would not b e forced to marry him because she would alre! ady be married to Romeo and she cant be married to two assorted men. Juliets family would soon see that she did not love Paris and that she love Romeo. Since divorce was not an option back then, there would be no way that the families would be able to overstep the tally up. Eventually the families would except Romeo and Juliets decision to marry and then afterward some time maybe be quick for the young couple, and realize that forcing Juliet to marry Paris, the man she didnt love, would be wrong.         If the marriage was not a secret, Juliet would not get hold forced to marry a person she did not love. She would not have taken the sleeping potion to trick her family in thinking she was assassinated because she wouldnt printing the constrict to marry Paris. She would feel that she had more options than to make herself expect dead. If Juliet did not take the sleeping potion, then Romeo would not discover that she was dead. He would not feel that he had t o kill himself erect because Juliet was dead, so he would not have gone out and got acerbate to kill himself. and then when Juliet would not have provoke up from her long sleep, then she would not have seen Romeo dead and she would not feel the need to really kill herself because she could not represent without him.         If the marriage was not kept a secret then the major tragedy would have been prevented. If the families knew about the marriage then it would have brought them closer together because they would eventually start talking to each other and over time could release friends. alike if Juliets family knew she would not have been forced to marry Paris because she would already be married to Romeo. If everybody knew about herself and Romeo then she would not feel the pressure from her family to marry a person she did not love so she would not have faked her own death. Then Romeo would not have heard wrong information about the death of his wife, he would not have felt that he could not live without J! uliet and he would not have taken the poison to kill himself. Then Juliet would not have invoke up from her sleep to see her dead husband and she would not have killed herself because she could not live without him. So if the marriage was not kept a secret then this tragic range of a function of events could have all been avoided. If you want to get a good essay, order it on our website:

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