Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Failings of the No Child Left Behind Act

The linked States is on a recurrent quest to improve and vamp up its weakening education system. The near recent approach is the No sister Left rear end process, established in 2001. Enacted during prexy George W. Bushs front term, it is considered to be one of his nigh influential legal philosophys passed. The law is dumb in effect today, and it has created a generation of students that are customary to learning and testing in a consistent focussing throughout the country. This testing farming is one of standardized tests and non much straying from it and is referred to by galore(postnominal) as direction to the test. The major consensus among school rung and parents is that the law as a whole is a calamity and it was. The law failed due to the restrictions instituted on schools causing circumstances that do not allow them to in full live up to the potentials to better their students.\nThe centerpiece of any gradationroom is the teacher and the No Child Left l oafer Act originally intended to vex better-qualified teachers that uphold higher standards bushel upon them; however, that is not what happened. The law has machine-accessible teachers paychecks to the performance of their students. The better the class performs, the better compensated the teacher is, which has in turn causes problems in the schoolroom with dishonest teachers (Trolian 5). The law did not intend for teachers to invention for the students. Due to the fact that many people are motivated by money, they will do just about anything to desex their income. Tenure also affects how a teacher acts in the classroom because a teacher with tenure is guaranteed a job and is slight likely to actually wield enough to motivate students (Kline). The No Child Left Behind Act has standards that are suggested to schools to table service in the teacher hiring process, alone they are not mandatory. Richard Simpson cites a investigator that delves into teacher certification v s student achievement and the researcher concluded that tradi...\n

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