Friday, January 6, 2017

The Crucible - The Power of Abigail Williams

The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, takes emerge during the witch trials in capital of Oregon, which was an apart(p) village in Massachusetts. The nightspot of capital of Oregon is a very(prenominal) patriarchal society where the men have the top executive of the women, and where the men run the church. The Puritans in Salem live in a theocratic society. In a theocratic society, the church has the reason because all of the inhabitants live by the way of perfection and think they are His messengers. Rather than God being in power, its the worry of the devil that drives the society of Salem to follow the Christian theology very closely. Abigail Williams manipulates the residents of Salem in order to gain means over John reminder and God, while the men late lose their authority to fad and Abigail. While the church consistently holds power in Salem, Abigail gains power over keep an eye on and exalted Samuel Parris, who manipulates the authority of the church in hopes of placing himself in a high position.\nAbigail Williams uses her skills of finding John Proctors weaknesses and flaws to pitilessly manipulate him to her own payoff to gain authority. Abigail is skillful in a way that she is fitting to act flirtatious towards Proctor, in hopes that hell give into her, therefore make it easier for her to manipulate him. Abigails first metre to gaining power over Proctor was having an skirmish with him, which eventually conduct to her goal to take Elizabeths place. In Act One, Abigail is weeping as she grasps Proctor and says, I cannot slumber for romancein; I cannot dream just find you comin through slightly door (Miller 22). Abigail meaningfully tries to call in Proctor closer to him by telling how she wakes in the fondness of the night to await his arrival. She doesnt dream of him but instead, prefers his presence during the shopping center of the night. By this, she is trying to win Proctor into resuming their illicit affair to show to others her authority. Proctor continues this chat ...

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