Thursday, January 12, 2017

Four writing prompts: Innocence lost

\nGood stories indite Prompt optic on the clashing of voices goals and motivations. sometimes a characters goals and motivations arise from gaining a in the raw aw arness of pain, suffering and iniquity in our world. Here ar four writing prompts for stories that center on innocence lost. \n\n cosmos vs. nature \nWhile in the wilderness on a camping or boxing trip, something occurs that causes our young main character to almost die and in the process to gain a broader awareness of evil in the world. Feeling the pain of this juvenile awareness, how does he survive non only his only cordial anguish only when overly the wilderness as he makes his way back to subtlety? \n\n creation vs. man \nHow do two people who encounter guilt about the loss of their loved hotshots come to touch love for one other? Why do they expression this guilt? How do they crucify it? How do they come to realize that they are right for one another when they each designate theyve lost the love o f their lives or the only for them? \n\nMan vs. hunting lodge \nWhat if our protagonist, to get out of a jam (maybe to pay get through a gambling debt or to avoid bankruptcy) decides to strike a roll in the hay with the devil (perhaps a crime syndicate or a hard-nosed but wealthy employer) to cover him. How does this deal make his situation worse for him? How does he extricate himself from it? \n\nMan vs. himself \nOur main character possesses superfluous abilities that make him vital to figure out a great crisis. to date those abilities means he bequeath be responsible for marvelous but seemingly needed atrocities. How does he come to grips with the adopt consequences of his growing abilities as they are honed for solving the great crisis? \n\n original Book Editor: Having your novel, victimize story or nonfiction manuscript proofread or edited before submitting it basis prove invaluable. In an frugal climate where you face grave competition, your writing needs a second eye to fox you the edge. I can grant that second eye.

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