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Survey Paper

Survey Paper erin sullinger RES/341 Charles Fanning December 18, 2011 The Problem The occupation at hap that is being researched is the speak to of sales. According to the information sheet globose Financial Performance (University of Phoenix, 2007), the average sales and average court of sales are 66%. This is a line of work because the totality of money that the company is spending in sales cost could be increased. The overall goal to be achieved by companies is bugger off more r make upue than what they are spending in cost of sales in baffle to obtain gamy salary and be successful. In the espouse I count on I addressed the problem by asking questions that depict out attend to go through where the company stands on several different topics that will serving make more money for that company. First, I asked what the cost of the materials they apply was because there could be cheaper materials to use to make their product. Then, I asked how satisfied th eir clients were because if your customers are not happy, that could lead to low sales. I as well asked them what their average sales were and the cost of sales. I asked this because I precious to calculate what the ratio was between their sales and their costs. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
I alike asked them if they had the chance to use cheaper products to make more money, would they via media the quality of their product. I asked this because I wanted to see how high they are on producing a quality product because that could also lead to lovesick customers. I then asked the company if it prided itself on customer service. I asked this bec ause some companies work products that sell! themselves, so they might not go for very good customer service. If this is true they whitethorn be able to use cheaper materials without in reality losing customers because even with cheaper materials the product might still be break leaping than a competitors product. I do cogitate that my survey questions are appropriate for researching the problem because all of the questions have to do with finding out about the...If you want to read a full essay, order it on our website:

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