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Operations : 1. The 240V AC, 50Hz single-phase source is connected and the main switch is phoney on. The PLC system is allowed to warm up for a few seconds sooner performing the experiment. 2. The UP or DOWN button (say, adorn 3) is pressed to request for the CAR. 3. The lift accession is opened by the DOOR floozy for passengers to rifle in, when the car arrives to the requested floor. 4. At this moment, when the deposit DOOR OPEN button is pressed, the DOOR mover will be forced to open the lift asylum for a moment of time before closing rearwards the lift entrancestep. The lift entrée is forced to close when the top executive DOOR CLOSE button is pressed. 5. If no force buttons be pressed, the DOOR OPERATOR will close the lift door and the CAR will hold out to passengers requested floor, say from G to 3. 6. The DOOR OPERATOR opened the lift door for passengers to walk out, when the CAR arrived to the passengers requested fl oor. The DOOR OPERATOR disagreeable the lift door after 7-10 seconds. 7. The CAR will embarrass and wait for a new request signal (to tend to the next floor). 8. The scale-down size of the in-between floor span for the victimize System Demonstrator is measured. 9. The time taken for the CAR to travel from one floor to another floor is determined. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
CAR vision| Destination pedestal| Distance Travelled (mm)| Time interpreted (second)| Average Time Taken (second)| Speed (mm/s)| Ground lay out| Second down| 385| 9.1| 8.9| | | Second coldcock| Ground shoot| 385| 8.8| 8.5| | | Ground story| Third stem| 577| 12.5| 12.6| | | ! Third tarradiddle| Ground decorate| 577| 12.4| 12.4| | | Ground bag| Fourth Floor| 770| 16.3| 16.3| | | Fourth Floor| Ground Floor| 770| 16.1| 15.8| | | Ground Floor| Fifth Floor| 961| 19.6| 19.8| | | Fifth Floor| Ground Floor| 961| 19.6| 19.6| | | Discussion question: 1.a) What is the scale-down size average floor enshroud for the Lift System Demonstrator?...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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