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Series and duplicate joining Purpose/Problem: To ascertain the remnants between serial publication and analog connections. Materials: Circuit Board nursing home Battery Holder 2 Light Bulbs With Holders Switch Wires Washers fasten Connectors Procedures: 1)Connect the set out myelins in a serial publication connection. 2)Answer the questions pertaining to series connections. 3)Connect the groundless bulbs in a mate connection. 4)Answer the questions pertaining to tally connections. word of honor Questions: 1 Light Bulb = 5Ω Series Connection 1)Connecting only 1 a get away bulb in the circumference would make the virtuoso bulb glow brighter. 2)If one of the light bulbs becomes unscrewed /discommitted, the rest of the light bulbs wont work. 3)6V / 10Ω essential = 0.6A, Yes, the amperes is the aforementioned(prenominal) throughout, because this is a series circuit, which I is constant. 4)Yes, the electromotive force differen ce crosswise each light bulb is the kindred, because each one has resembling current. Parallel Connection 1)The amount of light bulbs connected in match has no effect on the brightness of the one-on-one bulbs. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
2)If one of the light bulbs becomes unscrewed / disconnected in the 2 light bulb parallel circuit, the other remaining light bulb will fluent continue to function, which would not be the strip if this circuit was connected in series. 3)The 2 bulbs in parallel are brighter versus 2 bulbs in series, because the light bulbs in parallel share the same potential difference, which series connections do not. 4)1/5Ω + 1/5Ω = 0.2Ω + 0.! 2Ω = 0.4Ω = 1/0.4Ω = 2.5Ω Total. 6V / 2.5Ω = 2.4A. No the current isnt the same throughout, because the total current = sum of all currents. 5)Yes, the potential difference between each light bulb is the same. Conclusions: The study object in this lab was to understand the differences between series and parallel connections. Also, we had to use Ohms Law to calculate the...If you privation to live on a full essay, order it on our website:

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