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World Literature

THE ARTIFICIAL LIFE IN TOLSTOY S THE DEATH OF IVAN ILYICHThe theme of timbre and destruction is examined in Leo Tolstoy s The Death of Ivan Ilyich , where he uses his characters to revue the artificial liveness that people live in gamey caller characterized by materialism and sh bothowness . Tolstoy puts forward a state of society with striking h acesty and insight : privates do non abide as individuals only when rather aspire to be ilk everybody else , trying to live a correct sprightliness as appropriated by norms , striving to have a soothing bread and butter accentuated with material riches even if their spiritual life and pitying relationships are dry and empty . With his narrative , Tolstoy past poses the distrust of what is consequential in life , how life should be light-emitting diode , and ultimately , how important life is and how people mob it for disposed(p) by deluding themselves into believing they are exempt from deathMost of the characters in the recite are portrayed as materialistic substanti anyy-disposed climbers , who equated material wealth and position in society as determinants of success and delight . Ivan , his married woman and daughter , his supposed friends , all degraded themselves with expressions - they were preoccupied with proper decorum and attires , of looking well reach , of having power over others . But these are all temporary , for these things do non really matter in the face of death . Ivan finds out that what is important is living wiz s life jibe to one s own vindication , not blindly interest trends in society which results in a shallow , terrene meaningless life . He lately understood that empathy and recognizing the individual as an individual with thoughts and emotions rather than as subjects with mere faces is what mattered .< br/>bestessaycheap.com is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
nevertheless Gerasim and his intelligence are the ones in the story that have empathy and humans in them - in Gerasim it is made intelligible by his correspondence that everybody regardless of position or appearance , are in the end equal , with the same fatality waiting for them , oddly when he said , We shall all of us die , so why should I grudge a little scuffle . The son , on the other hand , is the only one in Ivan household who showed any feelings for his decease father - he took his father s hand and kissed it while exacting . This can be taken as the boy was newborn , he was unbosom innocent and not yet crooked with the demands of society . Ivan himself was dis satisfy with the boy because he behaved differently from him and his wife and daughter , but in his last days it was his son who showed him that there is a human soul in the introduction who regarded his life important . Also , this depiction of the innocence in childhood is reflect in Ivan s experiences : the only times he felt in truth alive was when he was a boy , before he went to Law School . Being assimilated into society , he make up that he trapped himself into a prison house of standards and lived a largely artificial lifeTolstoy showed that an...If you want to get a secure essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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