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Eng. Period E January 17, 2008 preceptort Drink the water system and Shakespeare I choose to accompany the image where Julius Caesar was killed with Dave Matthews air, Dont imbibition the water. The lyrics in this tenor connect to the scene in many a(prenominal) ways. I believe that if they make some other rendition of Julius Caesar this song would be the best choice of primer coat practice of medicine. I believe that it is the best choice because it has lyrics that relate to the scene, its plenty is at the appropriate level, and the instruments set the scene for a murder. In most movies when a character is being killed or is about to be killed the music leading up to it is suspenseful. The beginning of Dont drink the water starts off slow and behind gets faster. As the song continues the suspense builds and the song gets faster. However, the volume of the music doesnt get to a fault loud or too terrific which would make it hard to hear what the characters a re saying. Also, this song is quite an popular so there is a acceptable befall the viewers will know it and feel more than machine-accessible to the movie. The lyrics in this song connect too many of the characters in this scene. For example, one part of the song goes You must touch off on or I will bury you, now as I rest my feet by this fire, Those hands formerly be here but I have retired them.
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This agent of the song could relate to any of the conspirators because they all killed Caesar and therefore retired him. other section of the song goes No fashion for both of us, undecomposed room for me. Thi s relates especially to Cassius, who dosent ! like anyone who has a higher set out in society then him. Caesar knew this fact about 2 Cassius and he told Antony, such men as he neer at amount of moneys ease/ Whiles they see a greater than themselves( I.ii 208-209). The instruments in the song have a huge impact on the mood that the song puts multitude in. In Dont drink the water the instruments apply are acostic guitar, drums, bass guitar, symbols, flute, and the violin....If you pauperization to get a blanket(a) essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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