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New Technology And Globalisation

Running head : engineering science and GlobalizationThe y come outhful engineering science and InformationNameSchoolProfessorCourseAbstractWith the oncoming of worldwideization and innovation of technology , trend of the life has shifted de soundrance more transfers , both good and bad . This will be tell various issues c at a timerning the influences of orbiculateization and technologyNew Technology and Globalization1 .Dr . Muqtedar Khan once said , The dandy sense of in bail that terrorist act immediately inspires in the US economy and the presidency , the two nigh important forces behind ball-shapedization , has resulted in a reassertion of sovereignty by the US and an otherwise(prenominal) nations (GlocalEye 2008When the idea of globalization came into reality , US and other great nations were cogitateing on t he improvements of economy , political ties and humanitarian workings , alleviating poverty , and aiming to create the total world as iodin place to live in . The international community was neer bothered so much with international terrorist act . simply not until folk music 11 , 2001 , when the World duty Center in New York City was smashed by two airplanes and the Pentagon as salutary . That rattling moment , the whole world was shocked and dazed . Death toll change magnitude everyday Billions of dollars were lost . Thousands were paralyze by the awful experience . The whole nation was make full with distress and the whole world cried in grief . The very symbol of America s capitalism turned into ashes while its token for global power belittled and threatened . The attack was cogitate as a war against democracy . It was also cerebrate as a threat to US national and global security . That very moment changed AmericaAt that very point , plenty were fill with qu estions and longsighted had they found the ! answer it was an act of terrorism . unspoiled after that unforgettable and unwanted event , the US presidency maximized their efforts in search for who , why , when , and how of the event . at long last they were able to trace the perpetrators . It was the Al- Qaeda . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Like US some(prenominal) other nations condemned the Al- Qaeda , Saddam Hussein , and many others . As America changed its usual course , so did the other nations . A single event was turned into a global come to . International leaders jerked into global meeting , face into measures to contend terrorism The great nations joined their hands to plight wars against terror ism because the 9 /11 was considered as a villainy against human (Nassar 2004 ,. 10 The 9 /11 attack shifted the focus of institution s into countering terrorism . The national defence reaction , military and civilian law , and naval forces were strengthened . Budget for national defense was increased right after the attack . Surveillance was actively conducted in all bs . All became vigilant . In access , the port of entries was strictly monitored and all persons coming in and out of the country were checked and their visas were scrutinized . The security measures were indeed heightened and on its level best alertAll possibilities of terrorist activities were halted and investigated Privacy of individuals was also invaded because of mandatory victorious of personal information of suspected individuals . All...If you want to get a full essay, consecrate it on our website:

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