Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Culture and What You Eat

There argon many atomic number 18as of cultural diversity in the world; religion, food, and acceptable behavior. In either of these atomic number 18as at that place ar masses in other goals that view each(prenominal) of them as various or improper. A lot of the time when psyche of a different culture views a custom as wrong it is beca enforce of the individuals experience ethnocentrism. With this paper I hope to explain why it is ok to try new things and how other people do things is non wrong just because it is different then what you argon use to. I grew up being told that insects ar gross and that you breakt put things in your give tongue to that are non food. Ants, frog legs, dogs, and cats were among those things that you didnt eat. As I got ripened and progressed in my history classes I learned that there are many things d unitary in other cultures that are non done in the United States. Does that make them wrong? No, it does not make it wrong it j ust means that we remove to take ourselves and try to practice cultural relativism. Trying to empathize persons culture and beliefs on their own scathe completely makes you more diverse and able to understand each culture and why it is important to that specific group.
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In the exemplary Interactionist locating some foods are eaten because they have religious meanings (Christian- profits and vino as flesh and blood of Jesus), some are eaten because they are believed to have beneficial health or improve properties (Chinese euphony based on yin (cooling- fevers) and yang (heating- colds). In the F unctionalism Perspective in this berth they! focus first on the satisfaction or dissatisfaction they beat out from eating, and second focus on the necessity of eating. lastly they withdraw about how in secern to sustain sustenance of one you have to eat another. What you eat p 2 In the Conflict Theory some foods are eaten because of their availability or abundance (Japanese and seafood (fish and seaweed), and some are consumed because of their rarity or romance (Chinese and monkey brains)....If you want to get a full essay, secernate it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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