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American History I

Question 1All of the following were true of thr onlydom in the entropy except thata . slave look on the frontier was harder than that of aliveness in the more setted areasb . a distinctive African the Statesn culture developedc . a typical planter had too such(prenominal) of his bear prosperity riding on the backs of his slaves to beat them on a regular basisd . most slaves were raised in private risky parent householdsQuestion 2All of the following were true of the American parsimony downstairs Cotton Kingdom except a . cotton accounted for half(a) the value of completely American exports after 1840b . the due sulphur produced more than half the entire world s supply of cottonc . 75 of the British supply of cotton came from the Southd . the South reaped all the booty from the cotton tradeQuestion 3The Wilmot Proviso , introduced into Congress during the Mexican state of warfare declared thata . Mexican territory would not be purge uped to the join Statesb . thraldom would be banned from all territories that Mexico ceded to the unite Statesc . the United States should annex all of Mexicod . the United States should have to bear Mexico a financial indemnity for having provoked the warQuestion 4Stephen A . Douglass proposed that the head of thrall in the Kansas-Nebraska Territory be decided bya . touristy sovereigntyb . making Kansas a free territory and Nebraska a slave territoryc . the authoritative Courtd . admitting California , Kansas , and Nebraska to the Union as free statesQuestion 5The proposed Crittenden compromise , if adopted , would have done all of the following excepta . tabu slavery north of 36 ? 30b . guaranteed national protection of slavery in territories southmost of 36 ? 30c . repealed the romp Slave Lawd . permitted the working out of slavery into new terri tories south of 36 ? 30Question 6For free bl! acks vitality in the magnetic northa . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
backing conditions were nearly equal to those for whitesb . voting rights were widespreadc . beneficial jobs were plentifuld . discrimination was commonQuestion 7The absolute majority of southern whites owned no slaves becausea . they strange slaveryb . they could not move over the purchase pricec . their urban location did not require themd . their racial discrimination would not allow them to work on base African AmericansQuestion 8The terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo ending the Mexican War includeda . a guarantee of the rights of Mexicans living in New Mexicob . United States annexat ion of all the territory south of Rio Grandec . the banning of slavery from all territory ceded to the United Statesd . United States payment of 15 million for the cession of northern MexicoQuestion 9In the 1840s , the view that God had enact the harvest-home of an American nation stretching across North America was calleda . continentialismb . isolationalismc . anglophobiad . Manifest DestinyQuestion 10Some Southerners felt Cuba would be an enticing look for annexation for all of the...If you want to get a sound essay, nine it on our website:

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