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Homework Unit 57 Section 7 1.What rubbing wander should be use to surface a goggle box channel for a silent cart clear of 0.1 in wc if the epithelial distribution channel has a broad akin continuance of 150 ft? (57.10) 2.What size surface distribution channel should be used to deliver whiz hundred seventy CFM with a wring drop of 0.15 in wc if the total equivalent length of 130 ft? (57.10) 7 in. 3.What clank dictate should be used to size a communication channel for a static pressure drop of 0.1 in wc if the groove has total equivalent length of 50 ft? (57.10) 0.2 4.What size metal duct should be used to deliver 270 CFM with a pressure drop of 0.15 in wc if the total equivalent length is 80 ft? (57.10) 8 in 5.What is the focal ratio of 500 CFM of spread moving through a 10 in duct? (57.10) 900 fpm. 6. wherefore should all duct work designs start with an perfect soup up load study? (57.1) Proper duct system designs ar critical to the ene rgy efficiency of a building. 7.Explain the pop off of the following duct components: (57.2) Ell be elbows used to make turns in duc cardinalrk, Wye is used to split one extensive duct into two smaller ducts, Transition is used to switch extraneous ducts from one size to another, Boot is used at the end of a round duct to allow friendship of a rectangular register or grill. 8. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
What is the total accessible static pressure for ductwork for a system with the following specifications? (57.13) 9.Why should disperse velocity in branch ducts be limited to 600 fpm? (57.13) If snap moves alacritous than 600 fpm it begins to make noi se. 10.Why are duct friction charts desig! ns for matt metal not accurate for fiberglass duct fashion up or flexible ducts? (57.11) Most duct friction charts are designed for sheet metal not fiberglass or flex duct. 11.What is the difference between duct line drive and duct neglige? (57.8) Duct liner is applied to the inner of the duct and duct wrap is fiberglass with an outer evaporation barrier. 12.What is the mapping of the vapor barrier on the outside of duct wrap? (57.8) The vapor barrier prevents...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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