Wednesday, December 20, 2017

'The Skateboarding Culture'

'Surfers created skateboard with the idea of macrocosm able to browse when they couldnt go in the water to grade some bitchin heavies, or waves that is. Its become a demeanor to unstuff have frolic and forget round reality for a bit, or incisively a nonher way to compete and hale yourself to what ever destruction you may have. though some tidy sum say skate is offensive and not good for anyone, It inspires role players in the have to take their own individuality, creativity, and not to be mainstream be yourself, push yourself to your demarcation to r distributively(prenominal) your goals, be progressive, and most seriously have fun.\n duration individuality is not a self-aggrandising characteristic in other(a) sports, in skate its an important one. In a study specifyn in a name by Sports academy, U.S. Called An ethnographic Study of the skateboard Culture. Thirty skaters in competition on a videodisk called Planes, Trains, and Skateboards where studied, dat a was sedate Of the 30 participants, 10% were female and 90% were male. 73% were observed to be of ovalbumin ethnicity, while 16% were observed to be of Hispanic origins and 1% of African American ethnicity. (Sports Academy 12) During their runs many athletes continued to show energy by dancing, jumping, or kind in other celebratory acts. detect behaviors included applauding each other, dancing, smiling, and other congratulatory behaviors. (Sports Academy 14) The skaters reactions where antithetic and thats unique. Besides behavior, appearance, and look by each skater showed individuality in the sport. In skateboarding their arent teams that compete, its an individual sport so in that location isnt needful attire to be worn. The participants did not strike uniforms or jerseys that set their team or sponsors. each participant had an individual sense impression of style that provided for self-expression. (Sports Academy 16) skaters wore baggy jeans and mucky t-shirts th at allow for move... If you fatality to get a full essay, grade it on our website:

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