Saturday, February 4, 2017

Women and the American Revolution

The history of the American gyration has many factors to how the United States gained its independence. During the age of 1776-1783 American soldiers risked their lives in come out to separate from Britain and have their freedom. A group of talented, educated work force in colonial assemblies and goern ments move up and protested British policies. Documents were written on the rights of Englishmen, that when the British wouldnt total they decided to rebel; they make an army, fought for eight years, until finally, America gained its independence. But, where were the women? non only did men generate to Americas independence, but women as well. As more men beat together in the movement towards freedom, women were ofttimes needed to take over serious roles. Although it strength attend that women played a subatomic role, in reality, they were crucial in the success of the American Revolution. Abigail Adams once said, Remember the ladies,  though nix really knew what she meant, women did play a major role in the American Revolution.\nEveryones heard a lot about George Washington, behind Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, etc., but whos heard about their wives and separate women in the revolution? They might have not been in the action on with the soldiers, snapshot at our rivals, but a lot of them did pick up a pen, an apron, a needle, a pitchfork and so on. These fine actions had a huge percentage to the revolution. Women participated in many activities passim the American Revolution. Before the radical War, women took on most of the staple fibre household chores, consisting of cleaning, cooking, and taking feel for of the children. When the war began most of the men joined the battle field, which left field most of the jobs in the men of women. Also, it was relevant for women to support American troops on the home plate front. Many women traveled along with the armies to provide the soldiers with their assistance from cooking , sewing and tending the wound... If you want to get a full essay, install it on our website:

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