Friday, October 25, 2013

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Aging With pop Grace         Imagine a Grandmother who pushsnt give a care in the world for bothone cool off herself. She has two spoiled grandchildren, a malignant news, and an idiotic guy rope rope she seems to care to a greater extent about than some(prenominal) of them. She portrays herself as to be the perfect grannie that whateverone could wish for, but deep pass out is as selfish as can be. The grandmother in A Good Man is Hard to Find fits this design perfectly and is a prime example for a idiosyncratic who believes in Pride before the fall.         The grandmother portrays herself as a faultless lady. She dresses very conservatively on any average road depart. She is over dressed, to say the least(prenominal), by habiliment white gloves, a lace trimmed collar and cuffs dress, and a navy blue straw hat. The Grandmother shows that she is more have-to doe with by how she looks than anyone else on the part, which portrays t he quality of conceitedness and self-pride. The motivation of her attire is In case of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the highway would claim in at once that she was a lady (OConnor 353).          permits not for catch up with how selfish this over-the-hill lady is as well. She didnt care too oftentimes for a trip to Florida. She insisted on nerve-wracking to change her countersign and daughter-in-laws brainpower by nagging about pickings a trip to east Tennessee instead of going to Florida. In the car, she kept examine every little thing to herself and changing the subject to focalize on her past or present. She redden occlusiveed out the occurrence that in her times children were more regardful (353) and how people did secure then(353), as if shes more perfect than any person these days. Basically, she talking tos d lay down towards her own family members. When she talks to the Misfit she offers him her own dead sons shirt out of his s uit case, as if she were trying to get on hi! s proper side so he would be sympathetic towards her. Obviously, shes just demonstrating how she only cares for herself.         When closely people theorize of grandmothers in general, they think of a logical systemal, truthful, considerate, warmth woman. The Grandmother in this story proves she has the least of these traits. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
She insists once once more on having her way when they pass a road that supposedly leads to a plantation that she remembers visiting at one point in her life. Once she realizes that they were traveling on the ill-use road, she succumbs to secern the truth. The reason she does this is because she didnt want to her son to be gaga with her. The Grandmother also proves her intolerance to logic when she thinks that she can talk her way out of death. She talks to the Misfit as if hes one of her own sons, when any logic person would be that this man has no compassion for other human being.         This alleged(prenominal) Grandmother has to be the most authoritative person who would sort of die before she admits it to anyone, literally. The Grandmother had in truth believed that she was beau ideals Gift and was completely flawless. Unfortunately for her and her family, she was be wrong by the most ultimate punishment. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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